What SusTECH can do for you

Turnkey Development Projects

Undertake complete work on any project on behalf of the client – right from conceptualization till implementation.

Technology assessment, dissemination and commercialization

If you have developed a new technology that is relevant for the poor, Sustech can help you disseminate it suitably and commercialize it by undertaking test marketing, design customization, facilitating decentralized mass production through local manufacturers and market launch.

Sustainable Livelihoods Development

If you have a successful mass livelihoods program that is constrained by lack of reliable energy supply services, we can help transform it into a successful and vibrant program by integrating it with renewable energy.


Consultancy assignments such as end-of-project impact evaluation, environmental assessment, thematic studies on aspects such as rural markets, energy efficiency audits, product development for rural areas, etc.

Capacity building

Sustech will undertake effective capacity building and training activities on a wide range of thematic areas including technical, operational and other aspects of renewable energy technologies.

IEC Campaigns

Sustech will effectively undertake IEC campaigns and awareness programs on any rural development and renewable energy aspects.